Robert W. Williams received a Ph.D. in physiology at UC Davis and did postdoctoral work in neurobiology at Yale. He is the Director of the Center for Integrative and Translational Genomics and holds the UT Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor's Chair in Computational Genomics. Williams is a past president of the International Society for Behavioural and Neural Genetics and founding director of the Complex Trait Community ( He is editor-in-chief of Frontiers in Neurogenomics, and serves on the editorial boards of Genes, Brain & Behavior, Neuroinformatics, Mammalian Genome, Molecular Vision, European Journal of Anatomy, Alcohol, BiomedCentral Neuroscience, the Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration, and Behavior Genetics. One of Williams' more notable recent contributions is in the field of systems biology and systems genetics. He and his research group have built GeneNetwork (, an online resource and data analysis toolset used widely by the genetics and molecular biology research communities.