Academic Staff - Clinical and Basic Functional Sciences
Evangelou Angelos Professor, Physiology
Fotsis Theodoros Professor, Biological Chemistry
Galaris Dimitrios Professor, Biological Chemistry
Georgatos Spyros Professor, Biology
Marselos Marios Professor, Pharmacology
Mavridis Anestis Professor, Microbiology
Angelidis Charalambos Associate Professor, General Biology
Bairaktari Eleni Associate Professor, Clinical Chemistry
Charalabopoulos Konstantinos Associate Professor, Physiology with emphasis in Clinical-Functional Physiology
Frangou Maria Associate Professor, Biological Chemistry
Frillingos Stathis Associate Professor, Biological Chemistry
Kalfakakou Vassiliki Associate Professor, Physiology
Kiortsis Dimitrios Associate Professor, Physiology
Konstandi Maria Associate Professor, Pharmacology
Lazaridis Ioannis Associate Professor, General Biology
Leveidiotou Stamatina Associate Professor, Microbiology
Papadopoulou Chryssanthi Associate Professor, Microbiology
Papamarcaki Thomais Associate Professor, Biological Chemistry
Antoniou Katerina Assistant Professor, Pharmacology


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